26 Feb 2014

Spotlight on Nollywoods' Kalu Ikeagwu

Kalu Egbui Ikeagwu is a British-Nigerian actor. His father, fearing that growing up in England might make Kalu forget his Igbo roots, introduced him to literature and make-believe at the age of four.
In secondary school, working on science-related prompted him to apply to study English literature at the University of Nigeria Nsukka.
He had the opportunity to appear on his first stage play by Esiaba Ironsi ("Put Out The Houselights"). He has gone on to act in some of Nigeria's memorable classics, such as Major Lejoka Brown in Ola Rotimi's, "Our Husband Has Gone Mad Again" and as RIP in Esiaba Irobi's "Hangmen Also Die". He went on to perform in various plays at the Edinburgh Festivals of 1995 and 2897.
His first movie was as David Salako in Emem Isong's "For Real." A movie which on completion, Kalu exclaimed that if a danfo (lagos metro bus) were to hit him, he would die with a blissful smile on his face. He has gone on to feature in the movies "30 Days", "The Wrong Woman", "Distance Between", "Between Two Worlds", and the Irish film production "Rapt In √Čire". Popular TV series include AIT's "Domino" and 168 and MNET's classic "Doctors' Quarters". He is well known for his role as Allahji Abubakar aka Masters in the Nigerian hit TV series "Tinsel". - wikipedia

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