22 Jan 2014

First Tricycle Manufactured in Nigeria


Manufactured by Eagle Motors International

1. Six (6) Passengers Plus Driver 
2. Car-Size Rear Axle for Strength
3. Car-style Front Shock-Absorber
4. Car-type Windshield & Wiper
5. Car-size Headlights
6. 150 cc, 4-Stroke Engine

7. Water-cooled Engine with Radiator to keep engine cool all times
8. Ten-Liter (10 L) Fuel Tank for Long-Range Travel
9. Microcomputer Meter Systems on the Dashboard
10. Same size Front & Rear Tires (Commonality for easy change)
11. Very Fuel Efficient for Long-Range Travel (Fuel consumption is:
(78. 4 miles per gallon or 33.33 km per liter of fuel - petrol)

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